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Why Is Turbotax Asking For My Drivers License

We have no reason to believe that the IRS depended on our suspicious activity reporting to make its own determinations, and several reports from the GAO and IRS advisory committees support this contention..Come to find out they could not get my tech to get me on line as their codes did not work.Why is turbotax asking for my drivers license Is there a good reason for a recruiter to request this information prior for an initial interview?Is there a better way to clarify what they intend to use my information for?.

That works for me..I’ve been selling on Amazon for a relatively short 6 months and I too have just been asked to provide additional information.Curious, I've to been using taxact customer for years and just filed yesterday and was not asked for any additional info.A bank will not lend funds to a person if the bank cannot properly establish the identity of the customer.Sworn to (or affirmed) and subscribed before me this _ day of _, 20_, by (name of person making statement).

Birth dates for you, your spouse and dependents on the tax return.Turbotax home and businss 2019 cheapest price coupon I can understand your hesitancy in providing this information as it is very invasive but I don’t think there’s anyway around it other than as you’ve suggested and not selling on Amazon.We received your request concerning Equifax credit file and have addressed your concerns.“And how would a honeypot stop anything except hurt innocent people, IF as intuit says, the crooks will just move on to another service provider?”.“How is anything but regulations going to help the taxpayer?”.

You should only allow your license to be scanned when required by law, i.e.Money laundering is illegal.I work at Kohl’s.They don’t ask for driver’s licenses for purchases to scan.They only use your D.L.(But destroy it afterward if on blank paper.).The reason a driver license is an underwriting requirement is because of what it tells the insurer about the applicant..These former employees,are the ones who gave intuit,“a leg to stand on” Because now the pressure is on the IRS..

They def should have two factor authentication, butthe ball is passed to the IRS to make those regulations.Turbotax deluxe 2019 federal and state MacDougall is in fact working for DI now.The item you choose in the identity category must contain your Social Security number, and the item you choose in the address category must contain your current mailing address....Both just provide the people reviewing FAFSA documentation as another way to verify your home state and address..Now that would be unlikely.

You don’t get paid if the IRS rejects it, so you don’t tell them you have suspicions, making it more likely they accept it.The spokesperson said those who do not want their cards swiped -- or those without barcodes on IDs -- can have their birth date entered manually.Obviously, this shouldn’t be necessary to make routine purchases or gain entry to an age-restricted event.When I went to file my federal return last night I received an error message.It could be construed as a “Conspiracy to commit fraud” charge, at the biggest possible charge..

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